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Whether you’re a just starting out on the road to providing financial services to consumers, or you’re a financial service provider with existing FCA authorisation that’s struggling or failing to meet your ongoing compliance obligations, Richdale Consultants are here for you.

We’ve helped many new and established financial service providers like you along the “Richdale Journey” towards FCA compliance and direct authorisation. All it takes is an initial consultation to get the ball rolling; a consultation that won’t cost you a penny.

  • Understand more about the Richdale Journey that’s been designed, delivered and adopted by many of the UK’s leading financial service providers.
  • Learn about our comprehensive Compliance Support Package for providers seeking direct authorisation with the FCA.
  • Discover our complete Brokerage Support Package to allow your business to operate under the authority of Richdale as an Appointed Representative to focus on doing what you do best.

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