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Drafting and Advising on the Necessary Plans & Policies

Is your business seeking direct authorisation with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for the first time? Or perhaps you’re looking for guidance and support to maintain compliance? Richdale’s experienced and personable associates can work with you to prepare and maintain acceptable compliant corporate procedures and documentation in line with the FCA rules.

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Company plans

After thorough consultation, we can help ensure all necessary regulatory plans are in place regarding FCA compliance, training and development and disaster recovery.

Our service includes ongoing maintenance and updates to company plans to ensure they remain current and effective. In order to take advantage of these requirements, you can also rely on our professional support in the seamless implementation of these bespoke plans into your firm’s day-to-day operations.

All FCA-authorised firms must have documented compliance procedures, as well as a compliance manual. The compliance monitoring plan and compliance manual are vital corporate documents to get right – and we’ll work with you to make sure that happens.

A compliance manual should outline how your business complies with its regulatory obligations with the FCA. Equally, the manual, which should be updated annually at the very least, must be easy for staff to read and digest, with all employees given easy access to the latest version.

The FCA application process also requires a full regulatory Business Plan that outlines all primary areas of your operations. Our team can design a bespoke plan, in consultation with you, to provide the basis for your own financial forecasting.

As part of our comprehensive FCA Compliance Support Package, we’ve helped many financial service providers like you overhaul and design new compliant procedures that accurately reflect your business’ activities and regulatory obligations; whilst being accessible and easy for your staff to understand.

Company policies

Your dedicated Richdale compliance associate will work with you to ensure all requisite company policies – concerning your internal and external business operations – are firmly in place.

We’re also committed to offering ongoing maintenance and updates to these policies, ensuring their relevance and compliance in the face of an ever-changing regulatory and commercial landscape, and most importantly we assist in creating the operating framework to bring these policies into your operational framework.

Should key regulatory or commercial changes be announced, your Richdale compliance associate will draft and supply your firm with any new policies required as a consequence of new legislation with the utmost efficiency.

You can also rely on our professional support in the seamless implementation of these bespoke policies into your firm’s day-to-day operations.

Drafting and Advising on the Necessary Procedural Templates

Any growing financial service provider requires a coherent infrastructure within which to operate, both for its clients and its employees. Richdale’s compliance team is well-versed and experienced in the creation of bespoke company documentation, spanning all necessary internal and external related paperwork. We will help alleviate the burden and fuss from this necessary requirement.

Your experienced and personable Richdale compliance associate will prepare and provide your firm with all necessary compliance documentation for your day-to-day operations, including:

  • Operational Advisory & Procedure Sheets;
  • Terms of Business Agreements (TOBAs);
  • Template Fact-Find, Suitability Forms and numerous other useful forms and letters;
  • Business, Gifts, Complaints and other Registers.

Richdale will provide full induction and training on procedures within your firm, to your existing staff and any new starters.

Put simply, having clearly defined procedures establishes your firm’s very own standards of conduct, allowing you to operate with transparency and integrity.

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