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As a registered donor advised charity,

  • Do you have an understanding of the rules and regulations that apply to making grants both in and out of the UK? 
  • Do you have an understanding of the rules and regulations that govern grants to individuals for relief of poverty, advancement of education, etc? 
  • Do you have an understanding of the rules and regulations that apply to making grants to other charities whether registered charities or associations? 
  • Are you able to evidence and demonstrate compliance with the rules and regulations you are subject to?

If the answer to any of the above is No! the trustees of the charity are likely to be personally liable for any tax relief obtained by the charity in relation to those grants.

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Richdale are here to help. We offer a full range of services to help ensure that your charity is compliant with these rules and regulations so that you and your donors can take comfort in the knowledge that their funds are being applied to bona fide recipients/beneficiaries, that the funds which they have donated are secure and that they can satisfy themselves that they have provided these funds to a reputable grant making charity.

We have assisted an array of charities with either ad hoc support or by being appointed by the charity as their compliance consultants, enabling the charity to benefit from the following services.

  • Providing the necessary and relevant Policies, Procedures and Guidance Documents, covering all aspects of the operations of the charity.
  • Providing the necessary templates to assist the charity in complying with the relevant Policies, Procedures and Guidance.
  • Undertaking ongoing Audits on the operational activities and expenditure of the charity.
  • Advising the charity on how to improve their ongoing performance, addressing key issues identified as part of the quarterly file checks or annual compliance checks.
  • Undertaking on-site and telephone checks on third party recipients, where required.
  • Providing ad hoc support and advice on specific cases.

Those who have not yet benefited from the above services and are currently being investigated by HMRC….

  • We will provide you with ongoing support in relation to HMRC investigations and where relevant liaise with appropriate third parties.

In the current climate, good intentions are not sufficient for satisfactory compliance. You must also be able to demonstrate and evidence that you are complying with the applicable rules and regulations.

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