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Advising on complying with employee related regulations i.e. SMCR.

Employment related duties is ever-changing and for fast-growing businesses in financial services, it is common for employment contracts that were once fit for purpose to become obsolete. As a busy employer and business owner, maintaining your contractual obligations is unlikely to be uppermost in your day-to-day thoughts.

That’s why Richdale Consultants’ experienced and personable team is on-hand to assist with the entire structure and maintenance of your contractual obligations as an employer, as well as other contractual relationships with appointed representatives, introducers, locums and other professionals.

Employee data

Our compliance experts can sit down with you to ensure your company holds the necessary data on your staff. This includes appropriate fit and proper test information, used as a benchmark to assess whether professionals are suitable to undertake controlled functions within your company.

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Company procedures and contracts

We will ensure every employee has agreed to and signed declarations appropriate to their work roles and your company procedures.

Furthermore, we can help start-up employers meet their obligations by starting on the correct footing. Our contractual templates can be supplied upon request.


Employers are legally obliged to provide a workplace pension for staff aged between 22 and the State Pension age that earn at least £10,000 a year and carry out their work in the UK.

This legislation applies to start-up and established employers alike – non-compliance will result in a financial penalty from The Pensions Regulator, even if you provide a workplace pension but don’t pay the minimum contribution to each qualifying employee.

Assistance with your firm’s auto-enrolment pension commitments is also available upon request.

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