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Advising on Data Protection and FCA Professional Insurance Requirements

It is your responsibility to protect the personal and sensitive information of your clients and staff; maintaining their trust and the integrity of your business.

At Richdale Consultants, we deploy experienced and personable compliance experts to financial service firms across the UK to ensure that all necessary regulatory licensing and insurance policies are obtained and renewed, as and when appropriate.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is designed to strengthen the data rights of all EU residents, harmonising data protection law across all EU member states. Organisations of all types and sizes are now at risk of potential fines for misusing data and unnecessarily collecting data.

  • We can provide a comprehensive GDPR evaluation, risk assessment and action plan for your business.
  • We will ensure that your business operates in a way that guarantees you have the correct permissions and consent for the storing, handling and usage of personal data.
  • We will assess that your business has the appropriate levels and types of physical and technological security to maintain the safety and integrity of any personal data.

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Data Protection Licence

  • We can guide you in completing the application for your firm’s Data Protection Licence.
  • Never worry about missing a licence renewal again – our team will put in place renewal reminders to maintain your data protection obligations with ease.

Relevant insurance policies

  • Our team will ensure your business has the necessary insurance coverage, in line with your statutory and FCA regulatory requirements.
  • We will provide timely reminders for renewing these insurance policies when necessary.

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