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For organisations looking to become directly authorised with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – either as part of a start-up business or due to leaving a network – Richdale Consultants offers a highly efficient end-to-end FCA application service, handling all aspects of the application process on your behalf.

We’ve helped many business owners like you take the next big step towards direct authorisation with the FCA. By offering bespoke support and guidance, our experienced compliance consultants take as much of the strain of your FCA application as possible; allowing you to focus firmly on setting up or running your business.

FCA applications that include a proven regulatory infrastructure

With your input and review, we’ll carefully draft your FCA application to take into consideration the necessary permissions for your business model; outlining the requisite plans, policies and procedures with the FCA.

The beauty of using Richdale Consultants to handle your company’s FCA application end-to-end is that we know exactly what the Regulator is looking for and can help you implement this within your firm going forward. We’ve helped numerous firms like yours to secure and maintain their FCA authorisation. Our team can complete all the necessary application forms and present your business case in the best possible light to the FCA.

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Turnkey FCA applications from Richdale Consultants

There’s no denying that an FCA application is a stringent process; and rightly so. It maintains the integrity of the UK financial system. FCA authorisation gives consumers peace of mind when dealing with your business. A successful FCA application demonstrates your company’s commitment to an appropriate degree of protection for consumers.

Subsequently, our experienced team can handle all liaising with the FCA at each stage of the application process, with every stage completed with full disclosure and consultation with our clients.

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